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Warlock of The Magus World ( 巫界术士 ) is a Wuxia series written by Wen Chao Gong. This series was published in 2015 and it has 1200 Chapters. We follow our beloved MC as he forgoes honor, morality, and even his own emotions in order to survive an absolutely ruthless world of magic. The MC handles everything according to debt, repayment, and return on investment.When things don't go according to plan; he simply doesn't go do things and then expect for his own strength/master/friends/lucky chances/sudden breakthroughs/fate/deus ex machina to get him through whatever the fallout is. The novel itself tends to poke fun at those novels and even dedicates an entire arc to the satire of the genre.


Leylin is transported from an advanced technological era into a medieval world— except there’s magic. Equipped with only his quick wits and an A.I. chip fused to his soul, he sets out to become the most powerful magus the world has ever known. In a land divided into the Light and Dark Magi, the weak can either be cattle or disposable slaves. Only the strong can determine their lives, and only they have the luxury for virtue. Yet strength is only a tool for Leylin, like any other. His goal, in the end, is his own.

Series Information

  • Author: Wen Chao Gong ( 文抄公 ) 
  • Title: Warlock of The Magus World 
  • Alternate Title: Wujie Shushi, 巫界术士 
  • Type: Web Novel 
  • Genre: Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Harem,Mature,Mystery,Psychological,Sci-fi,Supernatural. 
  • Year: 2015 
  • Publisher: Qidian 
  • Status: 1200 Chapters ( Completed) 
  • Completedly Translated: No 
  • Translator: Wuxiaworld
  • Epub: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Warlock of The Magus World reviews by some of novelupdates user. This reviews might help you decide whether you will read this series or not.

Reviews by Tramsloof. Rating 5/5 

Why should you read this novel? For starters, a very very unique MC. Well in this novel, author doesn't portray him as hero, and he isn't one either. The magi concept, it is well defined and there is a proper system..Our mc, just like most other fictions have some power/ability which makes him superior to his peers. Its hard to get used to a darker fiction at start, if you are not introduced to it. AND, and most importantly which many people fail to mention, this novel doesn't have romance. So if you can't live without romance, this novel may not be for you! 

Reviews by Loosergirls. Rating 5/5

The way this is written, it is as if the main character is leveling in a MMO, slowly gaining resources and power. However, it doesn't have that game-y feeling. What it does have is excellent world building which explains the elements actually borrowed from gaming: The A.I. chip is the reason for character status numbers, and gaming-esque monsters originate from magical experiments or other dimensions. Rather than being overpowered from the start, the main character is evolving little by little to become overpowered. This is very satisfying and you get to treasure every bit of progress done.

Reviews by Hantosh. Rating 3/5

  1. Translation is decent. Odd word choices and unnatural sentences are common.
  2. Power system is simple to understand; AI chip makes it feel like an RPG. There's not many stats and they're brought up often so you know where the MC stands. Basically though it's still your standard cultivation system but with melee spec mages. 'Potioneering' (horrible word choice) is the replacement for the template alchemy (dan producing) profession.
  3. World building is somewhat different & interesting.
  1. Author's writing style exhibits bad traits common among Chinese WNs such as word padding (repetition & explaining the obvious), telling instead of showing, shallow characters (that're left in the dust as the MC levels up and moves to the next zone), loner MC (no reoccurring characters with major screen time). Felt like I was reading the Phantom (comic); almost every line of dialogue ends! in! an! exclamation! point!
  2. The edge. There are no truly good people in this world, because the author says so. Repeatedly. *Cue event that proves this point.* MC is not a saint, magi are logical and calculating, etc etc. After the 200th time it gets annoying.
  3. Plot holes. AI chip breaking plausibility with its wide range radar, atomic microscope and oftentimes illogical analysis capabilities. MC tasting random plants for his AI chip to analyze (stupid, stupid idea). The 10 crystals he stole from that dude's corpse at the beginning being forgotten (minor gripe). Snake heart producing blood (that's not how any of this works). etc.
  4. Breaking of the fourth wall. MC adapts to reincarnation situation way too fast; lots of mentions of web novels; green hat reference, etc.

Review by astaroth
I can’t believe people are rating this based on how often sentences end with exclamation marks. Is that really supposed to be a valid complaint? “too many exclamation marks, 1/5, shit novel”

Everything with this novel is great, the Author obviously used his head and made serious effort to make these characters and how they act.

Yes, Leylin is a cold-hearted bastard, even I was surprised at times, but this is his personality, and the Author (so far, ch 101) hasn’t ever forced him to act out of character in the name of plot or story development.

So while Leylin is cold-hearted, this is obviously not something you should rate the novel on. Are you going to rate NTR & Yaoi novels negatively because you don’t like the tag? Then let’s say you don’t like Fantasy novels, are you also going to rate negatively because this Fantasy novel you’re reading does indeed have Fantasy elements?

That seems pretty stupid to me, if you don’t like the tags, don’t read it. If you hate reincarnation novels, don’t read them. Why should this be any different, you don’t like cold-hearted Main Characters, THEN DON’T READ IT.

I don’t think to myself “now would be a good time for some fluffy and cute stuff” and then I watch Saw and complain about the gore…

Yes, there can be valid complaints about the novel, but most of the negative reviews are completely irrelevant.

And people complaining about the "chip" not being scientific, get real, do you seriously expect the Author to write paragraphs or entire pages of how it works? I don't see you complaining about CD and other xianxia novels chalking up "laws" to "Deep shit / profound mysterious crap.", which says nothing about it to the reader at all.

And even if the Author could, would you seriously want that in the novel? I thought most people read novels to get away from work and school, not to study science...

Are you also going to complain that you didn't learn about real world history from reading Lord of the Rings?

Review by Lebrew
I love this novel, 5/5. It has an interesting world, good pacing and a main character i really like. Yes, our main character is a homicidal, egotistical psychopath, but so is everybody else, so you might as well go with him. I think the thing i like the most about the novel is that though the MC might make choices you don´t like or agree with, they are still somewhat realistic and consistent with the established personality of the MC. Though he is “slightly” OP, he doesn´t suddenly challenge some huge clan and win through sheer power of plot armor.

He is cunning and avoids taking the blame for killing heirs of powerful families, unlike a lot of other typical xianxia protagonists. Also when it comes to romance it´s not like he is thickheaded or a lecher, rather he takes the middle road by having sex for pleasure and relieving stress, but not establishing any sort of emotional relationships whatsoever. While i feel kinda bad for Anna, i still think that his way of handling their relationship was the most appropriate considering his goals in life and personality. So summarized i really like the main character.

Review by Anbu_Hero
Ok look here people. Like most of the reviews here that gave this novel a 5/5 I indefinitely agree with their opinion on this novel. This novel is beyond amazing. If you like calculative MC’s and Fantasy novel that is well created and well thought out then this is for you. The story is has so far been interesting. The thing that has been pissing me off is that this site allows little B**** to write down stupid reviews that is degrading this series. Like seriously you give this series a 4/5 or lower because that awesome MC who is a highly intelligent human being is cold hearted unlike what you imagine of fairy tale novels where the MC is usually a fighter of justice and peace. Bulls***.

The MC isn’t even cold hearted. He has his own ethics. Just like in how the real world we don’t go out of our way to help every single person in the world acting like a knight in shining armor. He just does the same thing. His ethics are humanitarian to a certain extent. He punishes evil and helps those who has been of helped to him. He takes advantage of things and he has a brain that actually functions. Seriously this series should at least be top 10 in this site. Which is dominated by Chinese novels that are practically all the same thing with just a different name for the things they have. Yet I digress, I still enjoy them. But sometimes fresh and new novels like this are the ones that should be praised
/*End of the reviews*/

Table of Content

  1. Arc 1 - Transmigration ( 1 - 287 )
  2. Arc 2 - Twilight Zone ( 288 - 391 )
  3. Arc 3 - Morning Star Chronicles ( 392 - 628 )
  4. Arc 4 - Passage of Bloodlines ( 629 - 786)
  5. Arc 5 - World of Gods (787-1043)
  6. Arc 6 - Final War (1044 - 1200)

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