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Againts the Gods EPUB cover

Againts the Gods is a Xuanhuan series written by Mars Gravity (火星引力) and translated by Alyschu&Co.

Againts the Gods Synopsis

Lang Huan Mountain, Jue Yun Cliff, the most dangerous of Cang Yun Continent’s four deadly areas. Jue Yun Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s cemetery. Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count.

None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive.

However a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world.

This is the story of a boy wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

Series Information

  • Author: Mars Gravity
  • Title: Againts the Gods, ATG
  • Type: Web Novel (CN)
  • Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Xuanhuan
  • Rating: 4.1 / 5.0, 2317 votes
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: 8 Volumes / 854 Chapters (Ongoing)
  • Publisher: Qidian
  • Translator: Alyschu&Co
  • Table of Contents: Novelupdates
  • EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review by oniisama. Rated 5/5
If you're looking for something similar to Martial God Asura, Battle Through the Heavens or Heavenly Jewel change and haven't read Against the Gods yet, you definitely should! Especially if you're looking for something lengthy to read, or is the 672 chapters at my moment of writing not enough for you?

Against the Gods, or ATG henceforth, is basically a generic self-insert, wish-fulfillment, harem novel that comes with the usual annoyances in Xian/Wu-xia novels, namely the arrogant antagonists who can't see Mount Tai and of course, the peerless, jade-skinned fairies all around. Don't let these tags and combinations put you off though, as the author, Mars Gravity, perfectly blends them and sums it all up into something awesome, simply put.

One thing which makes ATG interesting is the struggles of the supposedly overpowered main character, Yun Che, through the heart-wrenching hurdles along his way. About how he furiously struggles through each and every one of them and about how he realizes that life is simply unfair at times. The highs and lows of his journey is guaranteed to capture the reader's hearts through the main character's journey, and break them mercilessly at times. It makes one realize and think about how to live and cherish what's present, amazing right? To think that a simple novel managed to teach this fact.

The character development is quite well done as each of the characters have their own ambitions and struggles, his harem members more so. They aren't the usual cookie cutter females which follow the main character aimlessly, compared to other novels. They have their own goals, ambitions and paths to follow. Here's where Mars Gravity's writing skills come to shine. Emotions are perfectly conveyed through the words and actions the characters portray, each interaction is filled with life and feelings. The ambitions, the wishes, the regrets, the pains and fears, and of course, the romance and yearning of each character makes them all endearing.

The world-building is aptly written. The background of the novel isn't thrown into the readers face all at the same time but instead is gradually introduced. One cannot find those so-called info-dump chapters where the author just slaps new details and characters and calls that as an introduction. Each part of the world, the characters, the locations is described slowly but vividly through the passing chapters. Combined with the amazing characters and it all makes a great novel.

Don't hesitate, procreate-, uh, rather, read it.

It's worth your time I assure you

Review by rdawv
For a series that is consistently ranked at the top at this site, it has sparked a lot of derision and contempt.

“Against the Gods” is the prime example of a series that is steeped in emotion, playing to the common denominators to keep the reader interested. Cycles of greed, treachery, pride, revenge repeat in a myriad of ways that are predictable and yet compelling to read for those who are looking for a straightforward, well written series.

Much of the criticism lies in the philandering ways of the MC as well as the conveyor belt of antagonists that are generic, doomed to meet their inevitable demise, humiliation and clan annihilation at his hands. Yun Che is someone who is prideful, brash, lecherous, reckless, vengeful. Yet as a MC, we are supposed to root for him when he retaliates against those who do the things that he would do. Most readers do, because the antagonists are mostly one dimensional characters that have no redeeming features whatsoever.

Yun Che himself can be a compelling MC. A long, storied background meant a new reader can get behind his behavior; his early turmoil and suffering gives him the underdog tag. When he powers up later on and unleashes a torrential firestorm of vengeance, readers cheer for him despite the huge swath of destruction that he has carved. And then the readers get to read it all over again in a different setting. Different power levels, different women involved, but ultimately the same outcome for the enemies in the arc. Predictable? Yes. Enjoyable? Also yes.

Some readers take offense at his behavior later on, especially his multiple love interests as well as generally randy behavior. Yet, as the author wrote:

Yun Che looked to the far distance; then his gaze became deep and profound: “There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere. Yuanba, don’t you think that what I, your brother-in-law just said is right?”

That's right, that's the MC bragging to his brother-in-law the reasoning for courting more women than just one wife.

Those who continued to read on after that particular chapter can’t really say they didn’t see his lechery coming.

“Against The Gods” does have its strong points. The story-telling and translation are superbly done. To a seasoned reader, the material might not be an award winning, critically acclaimed story. One can say it’s the Michael Bay of Chinese fantasy novels. But the fact remains that it is popular. People read on because they want to see him kick the ass of the arrogant on an ever increasing scale

Review by strixflash
I used to love this novel for the starting 200-300 chapters. Sure there was nothing new in this novel as the novel borrows most of the elements from other novels of Xianxia/Xuanhuan category (Talented protagonist being reincarnated into a "trash"/ Super powerful & All-knowing Master who lacks true body (Jasmine)/ MC having super OP treasure) but it was still fine given I liked the MC’s personality.

Now it has become totally repetitive. It’s annoying to see every idiot out there claiming how strong they are and then getting their asses kicked by Yun Che. It was fun at start but now their arrogant attitude is annoying the hell out of me especially seeing no villain has any brains…they are just stupid villains who continue to underestimate Yun Che even after knowing that he can easily defeat opponents far beyond his level.

The other thing I’m hating is how easily Yun Che easily overcome every trouble. No matter how strong the oppponent is he always gains new power or find help during the middle of a battle. He might use all his stamina and author would highlight that it's impossible for MC to continue but then MC would easily overpower dozen of strong guys... There are events which author would hype to showcase that MC is deep crisis but then resolve the said crisis by giving MC heaven defying treasure or legacy. The plot armor is too thick. It’s like all the treasures and legacies are waiting for MC.

Romance and harem in the series are totally annoying. Author really sucks in the romance department. Most of the female love interest are one dimensional idiots with no personality at all. His past life love interest, his little aunt, the princesses from Blue Wind Empire and Phoenix Empire… their personality are completely same (Kind hearted plus naive and stupid). Its like author just changes name of the female character but they are all same including their jade like skin! You wouldn’t find a single girl interesting. And those who are interesting at start will soon turn into one dimensional after falling for Yun Che’s awesomeness *cough* Little Fairy *cough*

The baddest part is how author keeps on saying how awesome Yun Che is. Plus author would tell us about his abilities multiple times in a chapter. We already know he can defeat opponents far beyond his level and that he has support of many legacies but there is no need to be a fangirl in every chapter and repeat this in every chapter which has action. Of course character shilling is important in such novels but there is a limit.

Review by Steve
This is one of the must read novel.

The way this MC deals with all of his enemies is very impressive. He thoroughly torments them and makes them suffer in many ways. Not just psychical torture, mental and financial as well. He will provide you with hope beyond belief just so that it is even more soul shattering for you to watch your hopes and dreams crumble in front of you.

With his previous life knowledge and experience he knows how to make use of these in interactions with other people. Judge their personality, hostility and has considerable knowledge about medicines and poisons. The way he acts and words he says has role to play with his enemies. He also pays attention to all actions and words of others to use it against them.

The characters around the MC also has depths which is really nice. The plot is well played, the way mc feels for each of his girls feels real and not being forcefully developed. Every woman in his harem went through a proper courtship which rarely exists in the vocabulary of other harem novels. In overall, the story is elaborate. Even the small trivial info mentioned in story can develop to be a very important thing.

Try it out, It’s very enjoyable read.

Review by Evis
I started this novel yesterday after finishing most of top novels here cause i was afraid by some of reviews but my mind got totally blown by how freaking epic it was. Completed all 386 chapters in 2 days i had blast reading it was a very much enjoyable experience. I was hooked right from start till the end.

Whenever mc goes into doctor mode i always get hyped, His interactions with characters and romance is amazing the situation and conditions of storyline makes action scenes even more badass than it already is. I also like how male lead has so many traits he is playful also have manipulative personality most of his dialogues have very good humor, He is ruthless yet kind and selfless with being selfish, He can mask his emotion as facade as to show something else in expressions when someone important to him is in danger he can get protective also loosing that facade that shows how truly he loves them sometimes he is cool as cucumber sometimes he is narcissist lol, very eloquent in talking and shrewd with scheming.

My fav part of novel is emotion aspects that i feel from novel there were so many touching moments very tear jerking, heart warming also hilariously funny chapters. I also loved reunion chapters when someone get separated from mc i always get excited for the next time they will meet, the cast of characters has very amazing personalities with good character development author spends many chapters on them. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends you should also definitely read it.

Review by Sylvia
Amazing series~~~

It doesn’t rush off straight to action or cultivation instead it starts with building relationship between characters and very enjoyable story development which is unique for this types of genre. I’ll put a little bit of summary in spoiler box not all content just one scenario of 1st 20 chapters better avoid it if you’re already convinced.

I skipped prologue here, It starts with mc waking up in another body of a crippled boy that is about to get married to no.1 beauty of city the same day he reborn due to promise between parents. We get to see how he keeps himself calm even when people mock him for him being a cripple in profound strength. His wife does not look down on him. She is very intelligent and treats him well. He was a genius doctor in his previous life so he helps her with fixing problem in her body from then just as their relationship starts to develop there is a trouble coming to city.

To be continued…

Dialogues between characters are written very well, Female leads are also clever & have adorable personalities. I really love how romance is done in this series.

Male lead is very humorous in teasing girls, sweet words and with insults to his enemy a smooth type. Action in this series is also very intense and spectators reactions are always priceless. He is selfless for his loved ones, strong willed, elegant (dignified) and ruthless to his enemies. Each arc has extremely good plotting and it also keeps getting better.

Best would be to see it for yourself, Male lead also solves problems in cunning way like through talking, manipulating enemies, conman and with strength etc. It has everything that I need in my novel romance, action, tear-jerker, epic story, great characters, adventure, comedy etc

I highly recommended it you should start it now!!!

I also agree with @Azurestone female leads all have separate arcs of nice character development with polygamy being normal in that era with no ntr, no love triangles just pure love and author had done a good job with all sweet romantic mature drama which you don’t get to see in harem novels.

Table of Contents

  • Book 1: Red-Colored Calamity [Chapters 0 - 100]
  • Book 2: Blue Wind Conspiracy [Chapters 101-200]
  • Book 3: Name that Shakes the Profound Sky [Chapters 201-300]
  • Book 4: Burning Heaven's Fury [Chapters 301-400]
  • Book 5: Primordial Profound Ark [Chapters 401-500]
  • Book 6: Lordship in Illusory Demon [Chapters 501-650]
  • Book 7: Heaven Smiting Shakes the World [Chapters 651-800]
  • Book 8: Cloud's End Illusory Mirage [Chapters 801-???]

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