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Martial God Asura is a Chinese Web Novel series written Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂). This novel is currently being translated by flowerbridgetoo (FBT). For reference, every chapter fluctuates from 1800 characters to 2200 characters, with most of them being around 2100 characters. For now, it has more than 3000++ Chapters released on

Martial God Asura Synopsis

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him. From there we follow Chu Feng as he crosses the continent, beating up strongest senior brothers, raiding tombs, destroying sects and of course as he conquers beauties.

Series Information

Author: Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂)
Title: Martial God Asura, MGA, Xiuluo Wushen, 修罗武神
Type: Xuanhuan
Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Tragedy Xuanhuan
Rating: 3.7 / 5.0, 1264 votes
Year: 2013
Status: 7 Volumes / 3014 Chapters (Ongoing)
Publisher: 17k
Translator(s): flowerbridgetoo @Wuxiaworld
EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Reviews might contain spoilers

Review by new-id
I won't praise this novel but will merely answer some reviews:
  1. The MC CAN'T cultivate the normal way: the Thunder Gods in his dantian are too greedy and what works for normal cultivators won't work here this is why he was stuck in the second level of the spirit realm for five freaking years and it was explained in the first chapters. So if you people can't remember it how do you expect to understand this novel and if you can't understand it, that is even worse.
  2. The power levels are strict here except for special cases that are the divine body holders(Zi Ling and Tantei Snow so far) and special bloodlines(Royal/Emperor,...) and that is the case or the MC so normal people can't fight an enemy stronger than them(for people who know Bleach think of it as the reiatsu pressure that is stronger so the weak opponent can't move)
  3. The MC's ruthlessness: In this world the strength is the absolute rule above everything else even morals so it is normal to act as EVERYONE else does. Do you expect him to turn the other cheek around??Personally I think they should accept the consequences of their actions so I am supporting the NO MERCY policy even though it was tuned down
  4. The repetition you are talking about is it in the plot or the fights???because as the story goes and the MC develops I can't seem to read the same novel as you guys and if you mean about the way the MC is treated by people stronger than him then what do you expect from people raised in that world where the cultivation is equal to strength and they don't expect such an aberration to appear(unless they have the power to predict the future)

Review by Bethananantony
This novel is hard to explain, it's very good and very very bad at the same time. Honestly it's all the typical stuff you expect. The best way to descide it is a cultivation novel that resets what the word "trash" means and then proceeds to make our MC as OP as possible while keeping it as 'realistic' as it can. The novels has had this reset 4 times so far give or take.

The good thing is his harem isn't stupid big as you would think. Three girls so far ok personalities kinda meld into each other at times, at this point you have known them so long you stop caring when they are gone but still feel happy when they do pop up. Does try and keep them at his level via cheats like instilling cultivation so they don't lag too far behind. Girls do pop up a lot but nothing really happens to them. There are a few rape scenes which I'm not particularly fond of but it's not important to the plot (if that's what you can call it).

When characters at the for front they are nice nothing special, but have a habit of being forgotten for long periods of time and the bam they are important again. It is repetitive, if your looking for quality and not quantity this isn't for you it's over 2000+ for you can expect some stereotypical stuff. In all honesty it a nice read it's not bad not good it's very average. Good average.

About the stars while it's not the best in the world, it's not the worse it's enjoyable enough to justify reading it. It has a lot of potential in later chapters as his family starts getting involved which would be fun to unravel.

My advice read it if you don't like it drop it, then when you get bored read it again. I've dropped the 7 times but came back for reasons lol.

Review by WongNungLong
It was ok at the start but it got so repetitive and predictable as it developed. It was the same thing happening over and over, just with different people at different realms. Go to a new area, pick a fight, beat them, their clan/family picks fight, run, sudden power up, massacres them as revenge, now the strongest so immediately goes to new stronger place in a rush and does the same thing all over. Don't even bother remembering the side characters, they lose all meaning the moment he leaves and are pretty much never mentioned again. Even his wives are completely neglected and pretty much never mentioned. While the fights and powers are kinda interesting there is not much of a plot.

Review by DeifiedHope
So far, my favorite Xianxia.

It revolves around tombs, the dead, spirits and trials, which, for the most part makes this exclusive. Also, I’ve noticed this one just seems a bit more ruthless and just overall ‘darker’ with a hint of horror than the other Xianxia.

The other part is the protagonist. The protagonist is neither one with past lives nor is he a fucking genius, or a 30 year old trapped in the body of a teenager. He is simply one with a strong fate and an unknown background (I’ll say this, I really love the idea of one climbing the path to godhead). This one here is a normal teenager with the heart to enact juvenile crimes, and what better than a world without rules; the martial world, to indulge in this kind of behavior. The protagonist was never really humble; just secretly vengeful,

do u remember the time in the beginning, he humiliated someone by having him ‘on display’ nude.

Once you read through his ‘adventures’ with various kinds of plot armor (which, I say, I really don’t mind), he grows accustomed to the demeanor of his newfound compatriots, and as a pubescent, adapts. I really don’t find it that astonishing. Also, one more thing I noticed is that the author does not try so hard to make protagonist’s despicable actions reasonable and make him appear like a saint even though it was fucking low-life.

even the rape scene, its ambiguous whether he saved the girl or in the end, was just a spiteful act of a spoiled child. The author just tossed it aside like most massacres/murders, it ends with a simple reason as vengeance.

Although there are some cruel scenes, I can’t say its not for the faint-hearted, you must be some saint to not indulge in this. There are complete massacres, but I’m sure its common in Xianxia. ‘Leave one behind, you are leaving him to take vengeance on yourself.’

In a dog eat dog world, how he gains favor is also something I’d say, normal; a showoff of power. Somehow, I get the dog eat dog thing, in the martial world, similar to politics, if you are going to offend someone of higher status, you should at least be prepared to lose your job.

The fights are sometimes repetitive, but still enjoyable. For the most part, its not the fights themselves that are interesting, its how these people think: ‘killing family members and people you care about will surely make you miserable’, achieving vengeance, saving face, and most importantly, the concupiscent desire to obtain treasures and women. Seriously, they’re all monsters. So, the same as all Xianxia, just enjoy, its a fantasy.

All hail the translators for making it possible to read.

Table of Contents

  • Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity (1–264)
  • Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces (265–548)
  • Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region (549–1004)
  • Volume 4 – A New Journey(1005-1558) // will update the epub soon. Too much chapters to handle :/

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