Chaotic Sword God EPUB

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Chaotic Sword God is a Chinese Novel series written by Xin Xing Xiao Yao and translated by Pipipingu.

Like most long Xianxia novels that are translated (translators tend to pick good novels), the authors improve as the story progresses. There is a boundary in most of these novels, once you get through it, you actually start enjoying the story.

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Jian Chen, the publicly recognized number one expert of the Jianghu. His skill with the sword went beyond perfection and was undefeatable in battle. After a battle with the exceptional expert Dugu Qiubai who had gone missing over a hundred years ago, Jian Chen succumbed to his injuries and died.

After death, Jian Chen’s spirit was transmigrated into a completely foreign world. Following an extremely fast growth, his enemies piled up one after another before becoming gravely injured once more.

On the gates of death, his spirit had mutated, and from that moment henceforth, he would tread on a completely different path of the art of the sword to become the sword god of his generation.

Strength System, from low to high — Saint, Great Saint, Saint Master, Great Saint Master, Earth Saint Master, Heaven Saint Master, Saint Ruler, Saint King, Saint Emperor

A Xuanhuan webnovel.

Series Information

  • Title: Chaotic Sword God, 混沌剑神
  • Author: Xin Xing Xiao Yao
  • Type: Chinese Novel
  • Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Xuanhuan
  • Rating: 3.7 / 5.0, 952 votes
  • Status: 2160 Chapters (Ongoing)
  • Year: 2010
  • Publisher:
  • Translator: Pipipingu @Gravitytales
  • Epub by Wuxialand
  • Novelupdates

Series Reviews

Review might contain spoilers

Review by Sai47s

Interesting novel, easy to read. Great characters and describes their character. At one time the novel was not enough female characters, but the author is corrected. Enemies and their actions are consistent. As revenge the protagonist. It is not that much different from other similar products. But it is much better than many similar. Battles are breathtaking and you want to read more, on any available language to read. So what if the story is not? It does not matter, the main thing that was interesting! This is the whole point

Review by parthpatel1726

The thing about CSG is that initial is pathetic but everything improves later on story, romance, power. While the plot is indeed rinse and repeat kind. There are many good development over time. The mc also has his fare share of romance and girls and harem, even s.e.x, the start is definitely a bit boring but story definitely gets better later. If you can stick up to it that is.

Review by makenai89

Chaotic Sword God can be said as one of the most controversial Chinese novels in NU directory, for many reasons. There are shaky plots, cliche characters, plot armors, and so on. Read all the reviews here, and you'll get just how bad it is. I particularly dislike how the MC seemed to be easily diverted from his aim by anything that he meets on the way, how he seemed to be fishing troubles everywhere, also from the way the plot constructed in which he always gained something from his losses and use it to destroy his enemies. Once or twice is okay, but the repetitiveness of this story chafes reader’s enjoyment.

However, the world building and the author’s narrative was enthralling….probably. At least, those are the only things I can think of as the reasons why I’m hooked on it. It’s like drugs; you know it’s bad, but you want a dose of it anyway. I know some other (equally controversial) series that I’ve dropped and I’ll never pick again as their repetitiveness bored me. But CSG…well, my eyes are just always looking for the newest update…or if I managed to put it off for some time, then one day I’ll suddenly think, “What’s Jian Chen doing now?” and look at CSG again

Review by Azure

Chaotic Sword God really shines, I think, in its secondary characters. Jian Chen is already a relatively fully developed person and you watch him make his way through life in a strange world where nothing revolves around him. Whenever someone with a horrid personality appears, so too does someone whom you have some level of respect for.

There are even more characters that've been shown that are just going about their lives as they normally would if Jian Chen did not exist. Jian Chen does stupid things sometimes, but we forget that even though he's really a full grown man inside, he's used to being a tyranical sword master who could kill anyone in the world. He's been brought to a strange world that he doesn't fully understand the culture of, and he's trying to make his way through it with his own attitude brought from his original life. These fleshed-out side characters give the story a transient appeal with you knowing that the places Jian Chen has been will continue to be and will, in time, barely be any different overall for his presence. In a way, it feels as though a ronin was reincarnated in medieval Europe and is going from kingdom to kingdom. I think that's why I like this story so much; the impermanence of the main character. It feels very realistic.

Review by ShadowWizard

Amazing novel a slow one but amazing nonetheless Ruthless/Bad Ass MC who doesn’t give a shit who he pisses of / or kills as long as they don’t provoke him and a very well paced story considering this novel has 1,6k chapters and is ongoing so ye for some it will look slow and it is slow but better to be slow with a good story than some shit like MGA who repeats its entire story every 200-300 chapters all over again.

My personal rating will be a 5/5 but this novel is not perfect so around 3.5-4/5 will be very justified anything less is either not your type of novel or your just some idiot rating it low just coz you don’t want it to have more rating than the novel you like or some shit like that. Anyone with a brain can see that this novel dose not deserve to be rated lower than 3 trust me i have read novels that are lower than 3 and this is not it.

Review by rdawv

Standard xianxia, written with a bit more quality than other lesser-rated ones. Everything is standard, functional, gets the story moving. MC is cautious and ruthless, friendly to those who are frank and honest. The only thing that makes this story stand out from other titles is the combat. Instead of people floating around in the sky exchanging profound moves that split the heavens and cleave the mountains (though it might happen eventually), you have battles happening on a much smaller and faster scale. Imagine those kungfu films where you have people battling each other exchanging weapon strikes while running in the streets and jumping around rooftops, like watching the movie “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” but sped up.

The focal point of the story is the MC and only the MC. Side characters appear and disappear within an arc, time passes without any mention of what is happening beyond the MC. Power level rankings seem meaningless because the MC can defeat higher rankers (as in most stories), only to face the exact same scenario once he has broken through.

Like most similar titles, there are entire chapters (sometimes two in a row) with nothing but the MC’s powering up process.

Dialogue is limited to the usual tropes, and many events are quite repetitive: there are multiple instances of the MC being interrupted while eating alone, for example. There isn’t a general plot except the mystery of his maternal lineage, no idea as to the MC’s end goal except to get stronger, and no real antagonists have revealed themselves yet after 190 chapters. Many characters barely have a line or two of descriptions, letting the reader know “this character’s going to die soon”.

There is no hint of long-term relationships of worthwhile note, even his siblings merely exist as plot devices for the MC to showcase himself.

Other than the combat, there is nothing thus far that makes the story memorable if you read a lot of xianxia. But if you’re a newcomer looking to sink time into something, this is a decent pick. It’s a fully functional, decently written xianxia that focuses on the protagonist. And killing via slashing/piercing the throat. Always the throat.

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Martial God Asura EPUB

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Martial God Asura EPUB download

Martial God Asura is a Chinese Web Novel series written Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂). This novel is currently being translated by flowerbridgetoo (FBT). For reference, every chapter fluctuates from 1800 characters to 2200 characters, with most of them being around 2100 characters. For now, it has more than 3000++ Chapters released on

Martial God Asura Synopsis

One night a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon school, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him. From there we follow Chu Feng as he crosses the continent, beating up strongest senior brothers, raiding tombs, destroying sects and of course as he conquers beauties.

Series Information

Author: Kindhearted Bee (善良的蜜蜂)
Title: Martial God Asura, MGA, Xiuluo Wushen, 修罗武神
Type: Xuanhuan
Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Tragedy Xuanhuan
Rating: 3.7 / 5.0, 1264 votes
Year: 2013
Status: 7 Volumes / 3014 Chapters (Ongoing)
Publisher: 17k
Translator(s): flowerbridgetoo @Wuxiaworld
EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Reviews might contain spoilers

Review by new-id
I won't praise this novel but will merely answer some reviews:
  1. The MC CAN'T cultivate the normal way: the Thunder Gods in his dantian are too greedy and what works for normal cultivators won't work here this is why he was stuck in the second level of the spirit realm for five freaking years and it was explained in the first chapters. So if you people can't remember it how do you expect to understand this novel and if you can't understand it, that is even worse.
  2. The power levels are strict here except for special cases that are the divine body holders(Zi Ling and Tantei Snow so far) and special bloodlines(Royal/Emperor,...) and that is the case or the MC so normal people can't fight an enemy stronger than them(for people who know Bleach think of it as the reiatsu pressure that is stronger so the weak opponent can't move)
  3. The MC's ruthlessness: In this world the strength is the absolute rule above everything else even morals so it is normal to act as EVERYONE else does. Do you expect him to turn the other cheek around??Personally i think they should accept the consequences of their actions so I am supporting the NO MERCY policy even though it was tuned down
  4. The repetition you are talking about is it in the plot or the fights???because as the story goes and the MC develops i can't seem to read the same novel as you guys and if you mean about the way the MC is treated by people stronger than him then what do you expect from people raised in that world where the cultivation is equal to strength and they don't expect such an aberration to appear(unless they have the power to predict the future)

Review by Bethananantony
This novel is hard to explain, it's very good and very very bad at the same time. Honestly it's all the typical stuff you expect. The best way to descide it is a cultivation novel that resets what the word "trash" means and then proceeds to make our MC as OP as possible while keeping it as 'realistic' as it can. The novels has had this reset 4 times so far give or take.

Good thing is his harem isn't stupid big as you would think. Three girls so far ok personalities kinda meld into each other at times, at this point you have known them so long you stop caring when they are gone, but still feel happy when they do pop up. Does try and keep them at his level via cheats like instilling cultivation so they don't lag too far behind. Girls do pop up a lot but nothing really happens with them. There are a few rape scenes which I'm not particularly fond of but it's not important to the plot (if that's what you can call it).

When characters at the for front they are nice nothing special, but have a habit of being forgotten for long periods of time and the bam they are important again. It is repetitive, if your looking for quality and not quantity this isn't for you it's over 2000+ for you can expect some stereotypical stuff. In all honesty it a nice read it's not bad not good it's very average. Good average.

About the stars while it's not the best in the world, it's not the worse it's enjoyable enough to justify reading it. It has a lot of potential in later chapters as his family start getting involved which would be fun to unravel.

My advice read it, if you don't like it drop it, then when you get bored read it again. I've dropped the 7 times but came back for reasons lol.

Review by WongNungLong
It was ok at the start but it got so repetitive and predictable as it developed. It was the same thing happening over and over, just with different people at different realms. Go to a new area, pick a fight, beat them, their clan/family picks fight, run, sudden power up, massacres them as revenge, now the strongest so immediately goes to new stronger place in a rush and does the same thing all over. Don't even bother remembering the side characters, they lose all meaning the moment he leaves and are pretty much never mentioned again. Even his wives are completely neglected and pretty much never mentioned. While the fights and powers are kinda interesting there is not much of a plot.

Review by DeifiedHope
So far, my favorite Xianxia.

It revolves around tombs, the dead, spirits and trials, which, for the most part makes this exclusive. Also, I’ve noticed this one just seems a bit more ruthless and just overall ‘darker’ with a hint of horror than the other Xianxia.

The other part is the protagonist. The protagonist is neither one with past lives nor is he a fucking genius, or a 30 year old trapped in the body of a teenager. He is simply one with a strong fate and an unknown background (I’ll say this, I really love the idea of one climbing the path to godhead). This one here is a normal teenager with the heart to enact juvenile crimes, and what better than a world without rules; the martial world, to indulge in this kind of behavior. The protagonist was never really humble; just secretly vengeful,

do u remember the time in the beginning, he humiliated someone by having him ‘on display’ nude.

Once you read through his ‘adventures’ with various kinds of plot armor (which, I say, I really don’t mind), he grows accustomed to the demeanor of his newfound compatriots, and as a pubescent, adapts. I really don’t find it that astonishing. Also, one more thing I noticed is that the author does not try so hard to make protagonist’s despicable actions reasonable and make him appear like a saint even though it was fucking low-life.

even the rape scene, its ambiguous whether he saved the girl or in the end, was just a spiteful act of a spoiled child. The author just tossed it aside like most massacres/murders, it ends with a simple reason as vengeance.

Although there are some cruel scenes, I can’t say its not for the faint-hearted, you must be some saint to not indulge in this. There are complete massacres, but I’m sure its common in Xianxia. ‘Leave one behind, you are leaving him to take vengeance on yourself.’

In a dog eat dog world, how he gains favor is also something I’d say, normal; a showoff of power. Somehow, I get the dog eat dog thing, in the martial world, similar to politics, if you are going to offend someone of higher status, you should at least be prepared to lose your job.

The fights are sometimes repetitive, but still enjoyable. For the most part, its not the fights themselves that are interesting, its how these people think: ‘killing family members and people you care about will surely make you miserable’, achieving vengeance, saving face, and most importantly, the concupiscent desire to obtain treasures and women. Seriously, they’re all monsters. So, the same as all Xianxia, just enjoy, its a fantasy.

All hail the translators for making it possible to read.

Table of Contents

  • Volume 1 - Battle of Dignity (1–264)
  • Volume 2 - Sweeping Through the Nine Provinces (265–548)
  • Volume 3 - Eastern Sea Region (549–1004)
  • Volume 4 – A New Journey(1005-1558) // will update the epub soon. Too much chapters to handle :/

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I am the Monarch EPUB

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I am the Monarch EPUB cover epub download korean novel epub downloa wuxialand

I am the Monarch is a Korean Web Novel series written by Cheol Jonggeum (철종금) and translated by KobatoChanDaisuki.

I am the Monarch is a travel back in time novel.

The Mc is a 20 years experienced solider in his past life and died without fulfilling his wish to become a general. He reincarnated back in the past when he had just entered the army

Roan, the mc uses his brains & the information he got from the future a lot in the story. He is looking forward to build his own troops and is earning merits in the chapters I have reached, raising his rank. This is one of the few interesting war novels, best comparison I can give is the manga Kingdom, although Roan is a very different character compared to Shin of Kingdom. Roan is a stable, cool-headed person. His experience made him calm and unflustered in any situations. Even if the future may change as he intervents in the past.

I am the Monarch Synopsis

Roan who ran away 20 years ago from the rural village in the aim of becoming a Great General who will rule the world.

However, all he got 20 years later was just a handful of money and a low position that is a 1st legion’s spearman.

At the end, he becomes a cold corpse in the battlefield.

But somehow, he came back in the past.

“Alright. This time, I won’t become a Great General but a Monarch.”

His previous life’s aim was becoming a Great General.

But, he only became a spearman.

This time, his life’s aim is becoming the Monarch.

“Then I guess I’d become at least a general, right?”

Roan who remembers what happened the 20 years.

Now starts his unstoppable march in becoming a Monarch.

Series Information

  • Author: Cheol Jonggeum (철종금)
  • Title: 나는 군주다
  • Type: Korean Web Novel
  • Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Psychological Romance Shounen Supernatural
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5.0, 578 votes
  • Year: 2016
  • Status: 309 Chapters (Ongoing)
  • Publisher: Murpia
  • Translator: KobatoChanDaisuki
  • NU Pages
  • EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review by GogoInTheA55
This novel is everything I would like from a return to the past kind of novel. We know a little about the world outside of the kingdoms surrounding the lake. It is very amusing to see the world expand and new foes arrive one after the other, right now the MC may seem smart, but as the story progresses it will change.

Smart people are everywhere, each more heinous than the other. The MC will lose in mind games and even lose his men, but he will learn from his mistakes, like he did during his rebirth.

His return to past has caused a butterfly effect, so except the initial stage, he knows nothing(Except the personality of some famous individuals). And from what I had read, there is a reason for Roan to come back to the past if you want to know the reason.

Pierce(MC's friend and spear genius) obtains a treasure that reverts the time to a particular day for a individual. And this will happen soon in the story(When he again finds this treasure).

The characters are smart, they don't just blindly follow the MC, some come to him because seeing his potential and knowing the profits they may be achieve.

I won't say much about the romance, but it is there in all the military building sim, wars and politics. We have already seen some glimpse of it here and there, but those tit bit of information will come together and create a strong romance.

SO I only want to say this is a good novel, I generally write reviews to talk shit about novels that I don't like... but I thought once in a while I should write something good too

Review by woo00154
Personally, I think Release That Witch is much superior (in both writing and translation), but this is nice, too.

Since the translator for RTW is out due to his personal circumstances, I ended up reading this in English, even though I already read this in Korean.

I'll try to be as fair as possible on this review...


Fun to read, and mc is OP. I would recommend others to read. The author knows how to skip technical stuff if he is not familiar with it, rather than trying to make up shit to sound smart. However, this does cause MC's cool "accomplishments" to look a bit shallow. Heavily focused on the feelings/thoughts of the characters at each event, which is quite refreshing.

  • The pacing of the story is very well done, and it never drags too much in an arc.
  • Though mc is OP, it's all rather reasonable how he became to be one, with plenty of growth shown through out the novel.
  • Still uses the good old fantasy genre, yet the settings are not quite boring.
  • Short and concise sentences also makes it very easy to read.
  • The translator, Subak, has turned military comradery into yaoi, making this whole series feel extremely weird as it keeps shifting tones between intense/emotional battle and gay romance. I was particularly disturbed by this.
  • I will also say that the translations are not proof-read (even though it claims that they are). I am actually quite mad at the quality of translation as I've read this in both Korean and English. And yes, Korean one is much better.
  • This is not translator's fault, but sound effects cannot be translated well, and there are crap load of them.
  • The so-called emotional scenes sometimes may seem a bit forced and excessive.
  • The author has limited use of vocab, and just to display how anxious the MC is, the MC ends up biting his lips over 100 times throughout the novel. I thought it was a joke when I read this in other reviews, but this really does show up too frequently.

Review by Just Sam Random Guy

A time-related/reincarnation story that has actual butterfly effect. Although some novels depict this phenomenon as well, most of them are just bad, negligible, or "doesn't matter because I reincarnated and I know everything". While this novel is not perfect, it is better than most cultivation/power-up stories.

This novel starts with the typical "I know what happened at X time, and what would happen next at X time, and so on...", but later on, the butterfly effects are slowly shown, and they are clearly TOLD and SHOWN.

The deviation on the events are clearly differentiated, and some of them even affects major characters' decisions and actions. These deviations,so far, are not just some pebbles on the road but acts as tests for the MC's capabilities.

There are also casualties which indicates that he is no god, that not everything is going to go according to plan, and that just because he reincarnated, he can now magically save everyone.

Oh yeah, did I mention told and shown?

Yes, the author tells and shows the story. Although not perfect, but still way better than most similar themed novels.

The problem with most novels I read is that they TELL TOO MUCH without showing just much.


Narration: This MC is super strong. He is 1000+ years old. Peak existence. Uber cool dude. Number 1 public figure. Definitely not a petty person.

MC: I f*** ur mom last night! *brain fart*

Me: Well f*** me.

The story so far is simple and easy to follow, granted that there are just tens of chapters released, but it is getting more interesting and that the potential is good in this one.

It is still in the relatively early parts of the story, but dry and wet shit are already starting to get thrown at the MC. I just wish that the author can maintain or even improve the quality throughout the remainder of the novel.

Another good thing is that some things are IMPLICITLY narrated, to allow us readers to use our brain work even if just a little. Unlike some novels, where the authors assume that the readers have potatoes as brains, and that we need to be constantly reminded which way is left and which way is right.

Review by Jacobpaige
Its an okay series if you can look past its two major flaws:
  1. The author seems to be convinced that its impossible for anyone to do anything intelligent if they aren't the MC or following the orders of the MC. This strict adherence to the MC's monopoly on working brains is only broken on very rare occasions that can be counted on one hand with fingers to spare.
  2. The author doesn't really think about the things that he writes. This leads to massive logical flaws, particularly in battles. If you actually try to imagine the things he describes, you'll soon realize that they're impossible as they would require armies to be able to teleport and individuals to be able to grow hands and materialize weapons that they have no right having without anyone noticing anything strange.

Review by CodeZero
A story about a soldier who had aimed to become a general, only to die partway, having been unable to achieve his dreams. Yet when he is given another chance by being sent back in time to when he just started his journey as a soldier, he must use his experience to fulfill the goal he had previous set, as well as a newer, grander achievement - becoming the Monarch. What's interesting about this novel is that while the MC does have knowledge about 'future events,' because of him changing the timeline by doing things differently, the butterfly effect comes into play, making his knowledge less valuable. Then, as he goes deeper and deeper into the alternate timeline, he has to rely less on his knowledge of his original timeline and instead use his experience to deal with new challenges. Furthermore, because he has set up the goal of becoming a monarch, more than just dealing with fighting, wars and the development of his own personal strength, he also has to focus on gaining loyal followers, developing them, as well as improve what will become his new kingdom. Very well written in my opinion, and so far, a great read.

Review by theunionjunktion
This novel is near perfect in my opinion. Excellent military strategy, good use of plot devices and most important it is interesting. The MC is not a prodigy but he is smart making it easier to relate to him yet still be impressed, he is driven and knows when to get serious and when to relaxsmartbuilds his squad well and is quite good at adjusting. If you want a combination of excellent battle tactics, a good plot and an MC who makes sense them this is your book. Especially if u enjoyed any of the following books- Moonlight Sculptor, Ark, Terror Infinity, Immortal God Emperor, Heavenly jewel change and Shen Yin Wang Zuo

Review by IcyImmortal
It's been only 50+ chapters, but so far it is becoming one of my favorite novels. To start off, the MC was someone who aspired to be a great general, to only come short and die on the the battlefield. In his next chance he aims even higher, a monarch, in hopes to meeting a middle ground with fate. Like your typical second chance novels, the story is akin to a gamer that found some hints and tricks to help with their play through. The MC is the similar way, using his past knowledge to acquire power and protect those he cares about. There's no abundance of antagonists with fragile egos(so far) so rest assured if you are not into that kind of stuff. Those that do try to get in his way just become irrelevant in the next few chapters. The MC is all about the bigger picture so he doesn't hesitate to put himself in the spotlight in hopes for a faster promotion. No romance at the moment, the MC is focused on his career as a soldier. And some of the things that happened in the past are changed because of the MC's involvement. All in all, if you are looking for a nice novel with a spear user. This is it.

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter PEUB

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Evolution Theory of the Hunter EPUB Cover epub download korean novel download epub wuxialand

Evolution Theory of the Hunter is a Korean Novel series written by Taro (음란파괴왕) and translated by Madsnail and BlissNoona.

Evolution Theory of the Hunter Synopsis

In a world of dungeons and monsters – you can become strong if you merely have enough money.

Rare skillbooks that can magically upgrade your skills in an instant are sold at exorbitant prices. So only the privileged and rich are able to buy their way to become hunters – a much revered occupation that allows one to enter dungeons and hunt monsters.

Our MC is a porter, a sort of caddie for hunters. He dreams of one day becoming a hunter when he comes into possession of a skillbook.

But the skill is a level 0. Something unheard of. No one wants it. People laugh at it. But he learns the skill – only to find that it may be the most amazing one yet.

Series Information

Author: Taro (음란파괴왕)
Title: 헌터계급론
Type: Korean Novel
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Mystery Psychological Seinen Supernatural
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0, 405 votes
Year: 2016
Status: 233+ Chapters (Ongoing)
Publisher: RidiBooks
Translator: Madsnail & BlissNoona
Table of Contents: Wuxianation
EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review might contain spoilers.

Review by babywolf

Story is quite good, not too fast not too slow neither, the MC uses his brain and quite patient person, he is a commoner who due to a skill he got got the chance to try being a hunter with a lot of potential, he is one of those OP MC that needs to train hard to get strong, well its a good story.

Review by Gantz

The protagonist is weak and poor, but dreams big. He happens to have some twist and turns and despite being a bit greedy for quick cash, his plan is foiled thankfully. The outcome is the unfolding story of a college grads rise to power, but he like many other heroes is oblivious to the advances of the opposite sex. sigh.

Overall the story flows well and you can't help but want more as the story progresses.

If you like dungeon battles with an underdog's rise to OPness then give this a try.

Review by hantosh

Real world turns into a game world when dungeons appear on Earth and the global population skydives. MC works as a lowly porter to the rich people (assholes) who can "play" in the dungeons.

- Writing quality is good. Items, skills, loot etc are all well described.
- Translation quality is good.
- Plot progression/structure seems solid so far (no trainwrecks).
- MC is likable, no standout negative personality traits. Side characters differ from your usual template archetypes; though we don't really know that much about some of them. Antagonists so far seem to be cut from the same mold for the most part; ie: variations of standard enemy mob characters. No arch-rival/nemesis type characters yet.
- Power system (items/skills etc) is well defined and described. Levels basically revolve around equipment.

- Translator currently on hiatus.
- World revolves around the MC

Review by Ookami

So far I'll give it a 4.5 leaning towards a 5 star rating (I'll just keep the rating at 5 stars for now).

The story description is a little misleading, it makes it seem like the MC will be totally oppressed by 'Those that have' but you barely see any of that in the story whatsoever and he rarely interacts with these snobs and trust fund babies except in the early chapters and a few after.

The story is a good mix between LMS and GDW taking into account the main character of GDW's survival ability (as Weed dies a lot and takes huge risk) and Weeds ability to understand the value of items and significance of money.

The world is 50 yrs after the apocalypse (sorta) and it plays out like GDW were the world has been somehow changed into a game world and such, monsters drop items and skill books.

The MC is the run of the mill guy who excels at his job so that he can fulfill his dream. He's not overly generic but the plot armor isn't light.

The story didn't give off that Korean feel and was off putting to me in the beginning chapters, so much so that I actually dropped it 3 times and put off reading it for a number of days when I did pick it up again. That being said I did get around to reading it to completion (that is up to the current TL) and after getting past the initial few chapters the story is actually quite enjoyable. I do recommend you getting your mental editor tools and spell checkers at the ready because the TL doesn't seem to be a native English speaker and there are quite a few errors on every page (almost).

The story pacing isn't fast but its not slow in getting right into the action but overall development of the MC happens a little to fast. Only 40 chapters in and his stats are way above the norm for someone getting into the biz.

(LMS) Legendary Moonlight Sculpture
(GDW) God and Devil world

Review by paksheet

Eh... this story started out cliche-dly fine, weak, poor MC uses his superpower called effort in order to catch up to and beat strong, rich guys... only, it doesn't. His effort skill is literally effortless after a few chapters, all he has to do is click on stats every level up, despite it being the "real world". And there are no "enemies", no rivals, only NPC chars that last at most 2 chapters and gets OHKO'd by him, over and over and over again.

MC has no personality. 90 chapters in and still no clue what he is trying to achieve. At first, thought he was like Weed (from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor), funnily stingy because he is poor and need to support his family, who then gets what he wants so he gets new interests, and new goals. But the MC in Evolution Hunter (I don't even remember his name after 90 chapters) is just plain boring. The world literally revolves around him. Every 10 levels ups, the world will change (dungeons disappear, new continents will form, etc). Only he has access to a whole category of overpowered items (intelligent monsters that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, intelligent weapons that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, his stats are continuously growing without having to do anything, while other people can't because stats are limited to items for them. By now, his stats are a least 100x better allowing him to OHKO an entire army of enemies supposedly stronger than him...).

All he wanted was to be rich, but selling 30 million USD of items weekly at no risk is apparently not enough, he wants to keep risking his "party and close/trusted friends" lives cz they're not OP and he can't afford to risk them (huh?). Every time he levels up, he makes the entire world exponentially more dangerous, but he has no choice but to level up because the world is dangerous (huh?). He basically has no goal, no interest in women, in politics, in friends, in anything. He just got what he wanted in first few chapters too easily so he got stuck doing the same thing over and over and doesn't even realize it because he has no idea what he wants anymore. Or rather, the author doesn't.

At some point, he discovers humans he kill drop better items than monsters so he doesn't kill them, only lure them into position where they want to kill him so he can retaliate without hurting his conscience. He's like a serial killer of killers. And despite him killing over 200+ people without getting even a scratch, he thinks he's saintly clean because he never does the 1st move.

Review by lafiel11

Nothing unique with the premise - it's a reversed another world dungeon rpg novel. The MC is the underdog as you'd expect ,he gets his "cheat" named Effort . Which lacks "the true effort" and even the mc commends on it. Him obtaining his skill makes the current dungeon system change with new one. Good for MC bad for the rest seniors.

MC personality is quite uninteresting .Power and money obsessed. Not because life kicked him in the guts but his own choice. Finished uni but sucked and couldn't get a damn good job. His job porter(bag holder of dungeon party) is his choice. Taking drugs to make-do and taking every insult for measly money and health danger. High risk low payout basically. After he becomes a "unique new -system rpg bringer hunter" his goal to own a millions of money and live good and have an apartment are put to back as his craving for power and cold blooded killing flares up. The side cast has some humorous moments (his party). But really the romance harem with DENSE mc just ain't working as it makes the story really bad. Nothing funny comes out when the dense romance is forced for readers .I treat it as filler and just skip it. Typical girls fawning over the dense mc in short.

Not to forget the other most boring shit in this novel : talk about money. Every dungeon item is money ,every chapter is 1/3 money talk and haggling to spread loot ,1/3 girls fawning over and dense MC 1/3 story progress. So when I skip a chapter I skip almost all the number shit and talk between girls and MC.

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Against the Gods EPUB

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Againts the Gods EPUB cover

Againts the Gods is a Xuanhuan series written by Mars Gravity (火星引力) and translated by Alyschu&Co.

Againts the Gods Synopsis

Lang Huan Mountain, Jue Yun Cliff, the most dangerous of Cang Yun Continent’s four deadly areas. Jue Yun Cliff’s base is known as the Grim Reaper’s cemetery. Over countless years, the number of people that have fallen off this cliff is too high to count.

None of them, even three stronger than god masters, whose power could pierce the heavens, have been able to return alive.

However a boy that’s being chased by various people because he alone holds a priceless treasure jumps off the cliff, but instead of dying he wakes up in the body of a boy with the same name in another world.

This is the story of a boy wielding the sky poison pearl, receiving the blood of an evil god, cultivating the strength to oppose heaven and earth, a lord overlooking the world!

Series Information

  • Author: Mars Gravity
  • Title: Againts the Gods, ATG
  • Type: Web Novel (CN)
  • Genre: Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Harem Martial Arts Mature Romance Xuanhuan
  • Rating: 4.1 / 5.0, 2317 votes
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: 8 Volumes / 854 Chapters (Ongoing)
  • Publisher: Qidian
  • Translator: Alyschu&Co
  • Table of Contents: Novelupdates
  • EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review by oniisama. Rated 5/5
If you're looking for something similar to Martial God Asura, Battle Through the Heavens or Heavenly Jewel change and haven't read Against the Gods yet, you definitely should! Especially if you're looking for something lengthy to read, or is the 672 chapters at my moment of writing not enough for you?

Against the Gods, or ATG henceforth, is basically a generic self-insert, wish-fulfillment, harem novel that comes with the usual annoyances in Xian/Wu-xia novels, namely the arrogant antagonists who can't see Mount Tai and of course, the peerless, jade-skinned fairies all around. Don't let these tags and combinations put you off though, as the author, Mars Gravity, perfectly blends them and sums it all up into something awesome, simply put.

One thing which makes ATG interesting is the struggles of the supposedly overpowered main character, Yun Che, through the heart-wrenching hurdles along his way. About how he furiously struggles through each and every one of them and about how he realizes that life is simply unfair at times. The highs and lows of his journey is guaranteed to capture the reader's hearts through the main character's journey, and break them mercilessly at times. It makes one realize and think about how to live and cherish what's present, amazing right? To think that a simple novel managed to teach this fact.

The character development is quite well done as each of the characters have their own ambitions and struggles, his harem members more so. They aren't the usual cookie cutter females which follow the main character aimlessly, compared to other novels. They have their own goals, ambitions and paths to follow. Here's where Mars Gravity's writing skills come to shine. Emotions are perfectly conveyed through the words and actions the characters portray, each interaction is filled with life and feelings. The ambitions, the wishes, the regrets, the pains and fears, and of course, the romance and yearning of each character makes them all endearing.

The world-building is aptly written. The background of the novel isn't thrown into the readers face all at the same time but instead is gradually introduced. One cannot find those so-called info-dump chapters where the author just slaps new details and characters and calls that as an introduction. Each part of the world, the characters, the locations is described slowly but vividly through the passing chapters. Combined with the amazing characters and it all makes a great novel.

Don't hesitate, procreate-, uh, rather, read it.

It's worth your time I assure you

Review by rdawv
For a series that is consistently ranked at the top at this site, it has sparked a lot of derision and contempt.

“Against the Gods” is the prime example of a series that is steeped in emotion, playing to the common denominators to keep the reader interested. Cycles of greed, treachery, pride, revenge repeat in a myriad of ways that are predictable and yet compelling to read for those who are looking for a straightforward, well written series.

Much of the criticism lies in the philandering ways of the MC as well as the conveyor belt of antagonists that are generic, doomed to meet their inevitable demise, humiliation and clan annihilation at his hands. Yun Che is someone who is prideful, brash, lecherous, reckless, vengeful. Yet as a MC, we are supposed to root for him when he retaliates against those who do the things that he would do. Most readers do, because the antagonists are mostly one dimensional characters that have no redeeming features whatsoever.

Yun Che himself can be a compelling MC. A long, storied background meant a new reader can get behind his behavior; his early turmoil and suffering gives him the underdog tag. When he powers up later on and unleashes a torrential firestorm of vengeance, readers cheer for him despite the huge swath of destruction that he has carved. And then the readers get to read it all over again in a different setting. Different power levels, different women involved, but ultimately the same outcome for the enemies in the arc. Predictable? Yes. Enjoyable? Also yes.

Some readers take offense at his behavior later on, especially his multiple love interests as well as generally randy behavior. Yet, as the author wrote:

Yun Che looked to the far distance; then his gaze became deep and profound: “There are only two ultimate goals that a man pursues; one is to conquer the world, the other is to conquer women. To conquer the world is to reach a new height in life, but to conquer women, is to embellish the scenery of life. If one isn’t able to conquer the women that he wants, even if he conquered the entire world, he would still be at a lonely summit, and experience loneliness everywhere. Yuanba, don’t you think that what I, your brother-in-law just said is right?”

That's right, that's the MC bragging to his brother-in-law the reasoning for courting more women than just one wife.

Those who continued to read on after that particular chapter can’t really say they didn’t see his lechery coming.

“Against The Gods” does have its strong points. The story-telling and translation are superbly done. To a seasoned reader, the material might not be an award winning, critically acclaimed story. One can say it’s the Michael Bay of Chinese fantasy novels. But the fact remains that it is popular. People read on because they want to see him kick the ass of the arrogant on an ever increasing scale

Review by strixflash
I used to love this novel for the starting 200-300 chapters. Sure there was nothing new in this novel as the novel borrows most of the elements from other novels of Xianxia/Xuanhuan category (Talented protagonist being reincarnated into a "trash"/ Super powerful & All-knowing Master who lacks true body (Jasmine)/ MC having super OP treasure) but it was still fine given I liked the MC’s personality.

Now it has become totally repetitive. It’s annoying to see every idiot out there claiming how strong they are and then getting their asses kicked by Yun Che. It was fun at start but now their arrogant attitude is annoying the hell out of me especially seeing no villain has any brains…they are just stupid villains who continue to underestimate Yun Che even after knowing that he can easily defeat opponents far beyond his level.

The other thing I’m hating is how easily Yun Che easily overcome every trouble. No matter how strong the oppponent is he always gains new power or find help during the middle of a battle. He might use all his stamina and author would highlight that it's impossible for MC to continue but then MC would easily overpower dozen of strong guys... There are events which author would hype to showcase that MC is deep crisis but then resolve the said crisis by giving MC heaven defying treasure or legacy. The plot armor is too thick. It’s like all the treasures and legacies are waiting for MC.

Romance and harem in the series are totally annoying. Author really sucks in the romance department. Most of the female love interest are one dimensional idiots with no personality at all. His past life love interest, his little aunt, the princesses from Blue Wind Empire and Phoenix Empire… their personality are completely same (Kind hearted plus naive and stupid). Its like author just changes name of the female character but they are all same including their jade like skin! You wouldn’t find a single girl interesting. And those who are interesting at start will soon turn into one dimensional after falling for Yun Che’s awesomeness *cough* Little Fairy *cough*

The baddest part is how author keeps on saying how awesome Yun Che is. Plus author would tell us about his abilities multiple times in a chapter. We already know he can defeat opponents far beyond his level and that he has support of many legacies but there is no need to be a fangirl in every chapter and repeat this in every chapter which has action. Of course character shilling is important in such novels but there is a limit.

Review by Steve
This is one of the must read novel.

The way this MC deals with all of his enemies is very impressive. He thoroughly torments them and makes them suffer in many ways. Not just psychical torture, mental and financial as well. He will provide you with hope beyond belief just so that it is even more soul shattering for you to watch your hopes and dreams crumble in front of you.

With his previous life knowledge and experience he knows how to make use of these in interactions with other people. Judge their personality, hostility and has considerable knowledge about medicines and poisons. The way he acts and words he says has role to play with his enemies. He also pays attention to all actions and words of others to use it against them.

The characters around the MC also has depths which is really nice. The plot is well played, the way mc feels for each of his girls feels real and not being forcefully developed. Every woman in his harem went through a proper courtship which rarely exists in the vocabulary of other harem novels. In overall, the story is elaborate. Even the small trivial info mentioned in story can develop to be a very important thing.

Try it out, It’s very enjoyable read.

Review by Evis
I started this novel yesterday after finishing most of top novels here cause i was afraid by some of reviews but my mind got totally blown by how freaking epic it was. Completed all 386 chapters in 2 days i had blast reading it was a very much enjoyable experience. I was hooked right from start till the end.

Whenever mc goes into doctor mode i always get hyped, His interactions with characters and romance is amazing the situation and conditions of storyline makes action scenes even more badass than it already is. I also like how male lead has so many traits he is playful also have manipulative personality most of his dialogues have very good humor, He is ruthless yet kind and selfless with being selfish, He can mask his emotion as facade as to show something else in expressions when someone important to him is in danger he can get protective also loosing that facade that shows how truly he loves them sometimes he is cool as cucumber sometimes he is narcissist lol, very eloquent in talking and shrewd with scheming.

My fav part of novel is emotion aspects that i feel from novel there were so many touching moments very tear jerking, heart warming also hilariously funny chapters. I also loved reunion chapters when someone get separated from mc i always get excited for the next time they will meet, the cast of characters has very amazing personalities with good character development author spends many chapters on them. I am going to recommend this to all of my friends you should also definitely read it.

Review by Sylvia
Amazing series~~~

It doesn’t rush off straight to action or cultivation instead it starts with building relationship between characters and very enjoyable story development which is unique for this types of genre. I’ll put a little bit of summary in spoiler box not all content just one scenario of 1st 20 chapters better avoid it if you’re already convinced.

I skipped prologue here, It starts with mc waking up in another body of a crippled boy that is about to get married to no.1 beauty of city the same day he reborn due to promise between parents. We get to see how he keeps himself calm even when people mock him for him being a cripple in profound strength. His wife does not look down on him. She is very intelligent and treats him well. He was a genius doctor in his previous life so he helps her with fixing problem in her body from then just as their relationship starts to develop there is a trouble coming to city.

To be continued…

Dialogues between characters are written very well, Female leads are also clever & have adorable personalities. I really love how romance is done in this series.

Male lead is very humorous in teasing girls, sweet words and with insults to his enemy a smooth type. Action in this series is also very intense and spectators reactions are always priceless. He is selfless for his loved ones, strong willed, elegant (dignified) and ruthless to his enemies. Each arc has extremely good plotting and it also keeps getting better.

Best would be to see it for yourself, Male lead also solves problems in cunning way like through talking, manipulating enemies, conman and with strength etc. It has everything that I need in my novel romance, action, tear-jerker, epic story, great characters, adventure, comedy etc

I highly recommended it you should start it now!!!

I also agree with @Azurestone female leads all have separate arcs of nice character development with polygamy being normal in that era with no ntr, no love triangles just pure love and author had done a good job with all sweet romantic mature drama which you don’t get to see in harem novels.

Table of Contents

  • Book 1: Red-Colored Calamity [Chapters 0 - 100]
  • Book 2: Blue Wind Conspiracy [Chapters 101-200]
  • Book 3: Name that Shakes the Profound Sky [Chapters 201-300]
  • Book 4: Burning Heaven's Fury [Chapters 301-400]
  • Book 5: Primordial Profound Ark [Chapters 401-500]
  • Book 6: Lordship in Illusory Demon [Chapters 501-650]
  • Book 7: Heaven Smiting Shakes the World [Chapters 651-800]
  • Book 8: Cloud's End Illusory Mirage [Chapters 801-???]

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Beseech The Devil EPUB

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Beseech The Devil EPUB cover

Beseech The Devil is a Xianxia series written by Er Gen (耳根), the same author who wrote I Shall Seal The Heavens and Renegade Immortal.

Beseech The Devil tells the story of a boy with unknown background who grew up in a minor tribe. The tribe retained primitive customs like sacrificing animal bloods and bowing to mythical animals, but they also had a unique methods of cultivation.

At first glance, the boy himself didn't have the physique needed to cultivate, thus although he was not treated badly in the tribe, no one actually expected him to be anything but ordinary.

However, through some coincidences, later he was able to cultivate...behind his tribe's back.

Beseech The Devil Synopsis

Three thousand years of bowing down to the Demon Lord, I would rather be a mortal than a celestial being when looking back, but for her I will… become one who controls life and death!

Series Information

Author: Er Gen (耳根)
Title: Beseech The Devil 求魔
Type: Xianxia
Genre: Action Adventure Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Tragedy Xianxia
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0, 181 votes
Year: 2012
Publisher: Qidian
Status: 1484 Chapters (Complete)
Translator: PiggyBottle Translations
EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review by makenai89
The plot seems cliche, but the development so far is pretty solid. The characters are lively and relatable; they're not simply there to set MC stage. Disregarding the volatile quality of earlier translations, in my opinion Beseech The Devil is an above-par novel among xianxia/xuanhuan. Particularly if you are a fan of this genre, it is very suitable for your reading list.

Truthfully, the story is still laying its foundation now, so it might be too early to give it 5 stars. However, I've got really big expectation for its future chapters.

Review by DeathStroke96
One of the best you can find out there;

The mc is not one of the barbarian birth as he was adopted into the village clan by the villages grand elder and because he has a body of an immortal cultivator, walking on the path of barbarian cultivators is very difficult to almost impossible (think of barbarian cultivators like the western one from ISSTH) the cultivation realms are different compared to the other three popular novels from Ergen however there is one aspect that most people will link with ISSTH is that cultivators in BTD will condense an Totem Tattoo based on their dao or technique which is really cool

Review by LoneDK
This novel is excellent. While not perfect, it is leagues ahead of other xianxia novel in terms of quality. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone.

Story (1 star/1 star): There's actually a story here and not just the typical "I need to get stronger" that most xianxia novel has. Cultivation is important but it takes a backseat to Su Ming's story. There are plenty ups and down in the story and tragedy galore. It keeps you guessing every step of the way as you question the reality of the world. Definitely not a feel good story but it doesn't need to be.

Character(1 star/1 star): A big step up from Renegade Immortal. I actually cared about the cast of side characters in this story. While not outstanding, the characters are not 1D like many xianxia character. The MC actually has character development throughout the story and it's a refreshing change from the other 1D MC out there who are just Mary Sues.

Writing(1 star/1 star): While there a parts that dragged on a bit longer than it should have, the overall writing of the story is excellent. Each arc played out meaningfully and you feel that they contribute as whole to the story. Er Gen is definitely not one of those author who writes filler to pad out the story. The world that is being built is mysterious and breathtaking to explore and read about. The MC faces sufficient challenge and while he is not too OP in most of these, he feels sufficiently powerful.

Enjoyment(2 star/2 star): I enjoyed this novel immensely but then again I have always enjoyed Er Gen's novel. The story kept me hooked all they way and the only time I stopped reading is to take in the awesomeness of this novel.

Overall, this novel is a must read especially if you have read RI or ISSTH. It's too bad that the translation as of time of this review has been stalled. However it's good enough that you should go buy some eyedrop and read the MTL (may God help you stave of blindness if you do). I do recommend reading RI before this though as there is a bit spoiler for RI at the end of this novel.

Review by gardi
this is the kind of story you will expect from ER GEN. although the cultivation method is quite different in this story, the way they cultivate is a mix between Perfect World and WESTERN CULTIVATORS from ISSTH.

so far there is only hundreds of chapters translated, in these chapters you will get enough mystery to get your attentions.

i have a high hope for this story. i believe it is going to be as popular as ISSTH and Perfect World – if we get frequent updates-.

Review by nithlite
The story is well written. The first ten or so chapters are poorly translated, however PiggyBottle is a good translator and is able to convey the story very well.

While the translation is only up to c50 it is hard to make definite statements about the story, but the main character seems to be a intelligent mc similar to all other Er Gen protags, however he seems to be lacking other personality traits. The cultivation is slightly different from the usual wuxia fair, and I look forward to see future developments.

5/5 Has promise

Table of Content

Chapter 1 - 120. Last updated on 05/15/17 [PiggyBottle]

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I’m Really a Superstar EPUB

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I’m Really a Superstar EPUB cover epub download iras epub download wuxialand

I’m Really a Superstar is a Chinese Web Novel series written by Chang Yu (尝谕). English translations was done by Wuxiaworld and gravitytales.

A transported style story with game AI element added to the mix in a modern setting world.

Our MC, Zhang Ye holds good attitudes, imo.

He wants to be famous and suddenly an AI function transported him to a new world and treated him as a main character/player in a game setting.

Just imagine, instead of you as a gamer plays a game, you got transported into a world that so similar to modern world (there are differences here and there which MC takes advantage) and try to achieve your goal.

In Zhang Ye case, he wants to be famous/a celebrity. He even has a screen like interface that only him can see.

I’m Really a Superstar Synopsis

Zhang Ye was originally a mundane college graduate with aspiring dreams to become a star, but unfortunately has below average looks and height. However one day, he woke up and suddenly found himself in a parallel world!

It’s like the same world, but wait a minute…many brands, celebrities and even famous works from his world changed and are gone in this new world!

Armed with the profound literary knowledge of his previous world and a heaven-defying Game Ring that gives him magical items, stats and skills, Zhang Ye embarks on a journey to pursue his life-long dream of becoming famous!

Follow Zhang Ye as he takes the new world by storm, one plagiarized piece at a time, to hilarious reactions!

Series Information

  • Author: Chang Yu (尝谕)
  • Title:I’m Really a Superstar, IRAS, 我真是大明星
  • Type: Web Novel (CN)
  • Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Martial Arts Romance Seinen Slice of Life
  • Rating: 4.3 / 5.0, 1262 votes
  • Year: 2014
  • Status: 1557 Chapters (Ongoing)
  • Publisher: Qidian
  • Translator: Gravitytales & Wuxiaworld
  • EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review by AicillaXI
I’m Really A Superstar is a novel that starts with an amazing amount of promise. It’s take on common elements found in xianxia/xuanhuan novels spun in a different direction is refreshing and the reaction chapters are very entertaining. Zhang Ye borrows literature and other works from his 'old world' and imports them into his new world where they do not exist with the help of game elements. This, among other game elements such as skill books, helps him on his journey to becoming a superstar.

I would highly recommend that people read the first 100-150 chapters of IRAS. Initially, it is fantastic. The new spin on common ideas is refreshing and to see it used in a different manner is very nice. The initial reaction chapters are amazing and are very entertaining to read. After a while, the novel doesn’t just go downhill, it falls off a cliff. I could not recommend this novel in it's entirety to anybody. Even if the reaction chapters are very nice to read, they become further and further apart, and the content in the middle is not worth reading.

Review by darkqi
Even if you aren't tired of the same old xianxia/xianhuan/wuxia genres, this novel has a really refreshing feeling because it is so different. Instead of constantly leveling up or physically fighting off cliche enemies, this novel is without a doubt a comedy with a fantasy element (the special system that helps him become a superstar). I'm really enjoying this novel and I hope that the translator will keep releasing chapters!

Review by DarkQi
I have to amend my previous score of 5 stars. While it is unfair to say that the protagonist is completely talentless, all the boons of his second-life are the results of plagiarism. In the early arcs, that alone is not at all something I would have damned the protagonist for. He is sharing legitimate works of literature and art, and reading those genuinely bolstered my appreciation for Chinese art. However, as time goes by, it becomes clear that the protagonist is not just a vector for sharing art. Zhang Ye is a hypocrite, a lecher, a glass-heart nationalist, and overall scumbag. If he were put into a position of power without the game system, he would most likely behave like the bosses he takes face away from.

As the story goes on, the stereotyping of Americans, Japanese, and Koreans is matched only by the way he stereotypes Chinese figures of authority (be it managers, monks, or educators). It simply isn't reasonable for everyone Zhang Ye meets to be as pig-headed and ultra-nationalistic as he is and reflects badly on us Chinese. You don't need to be Alexander Pope to see the author is projecting his own insecurities and worries onto both Zhang Ye and all the antagonists.

Worse of all his storytelling just becomes a redundant formula. I forget who said this about show business, but the adage goes, "You can be bad, but you can never be boring." All politics aside, "I'm Really a Superstar" gets boring.

Review by CKTalon
This is just a joyful read. Just give it a chance!

Besides all the wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan genres, there are plenty of other web novels on Qidian that are excellent. Currently one of the top on Qidian's monthly voted ranks is "I’m Really a Superstar" (我真是大明星).

The genre is "Workplace Novel > Entertainer". It is a great modern-day novel. I am caught up with the novel.

The general premise is that of a modern day human, Zhang Ye who ends up appearing in another modern day Earth, but now he has a game ring. It is powered by 'Reputation'. He gains Reputation if people approve of something he did. He can use the popularity points to have a chance at a jackpot which can grant him various benefits such as stat increases (strength, speed, stamina), one-time items (save points, lucky bread, unlucky charm against one person, AOE unlucky charm, invisibility, etc), special game abilities (such as unlocking a 'merchant shop' where he can buy a specific item with his popularity points), skill books (hacking skillbooks, Taiji fist skillbooks, acting skillbooks, directing skillbooks, video skillbooks, etc)

His goal is to become the number one celebrity in the world. Now, notice I mentioned that he came into another modern Earth, but this Earth has something different with its entertainment history or even history. It can be backwater in certain ways compared to his own Earth, so he can plagiarize...I mean share the knowledge from his own world to this world and become popular as a result.

Late in the story, his lists of accolades become ridiculous, he is a top host, top actor, top comedy skit actor, top stand-up comedian, top songwriter/composer, top singer, top hacker, Chinese professor, Math professor, top radio host, top poem writer, top novel writer and has even flown a plane after defeating hijackers.

If people like reaction chapters, this novel is chock full of them, and the language used is extremely 'flowery' (read swear words in a funny way).

This story also makes you more in tune to China, giving you a glimpse of their culture and problems they face. It can also give you some insight on why xianxia/xuanhua novels are written in such a way.

In fact, it feels like a modern day xianxia story. MCs use skills you don't really understand to beat their rivals? Zhang Ye uses his poetry and cursing to beat his rivals. Zhang Ye is a person who personifies the meaning the pen is mightier than the sword.

Oh btw, he uses a Brick in later chapters to fight against other martial artists...

Review by Dusk

If we were simply talking about this novel's quality, then without a doubt I will say that it is definitely one of my personal Top 10, it's jokes, creativity, reactions and excitement is indeed one of the very best. But sadly, this novel has 2 major, big flaws, flaws that can actually be erased easily..

Just before you read, I love IRAS. I truly love it, but because I love it so much I became utterly disappointed at the direction the author is bringing IRAS in.

Really, I really2 loved this novel..sigh.

The genre is Comedy, almost a pure comedy. Within the first 250s or so chapters, the comedy it shows is indeed top level. But after that, it just seems to be getting bleaker and bleaker, the jokes are not as funny as before. It is not making me laugh almost every chapter again, it seems like the author had forgotten this novel's very core and instead went on to a scolding free of other nations.

Style : For 300 or so chapters, the style of the author itself, I must say is very good but the style of the novel itself? One could argue it's a bit repetitive, although I am not too bothered by it.

It has a kind of a rythm to the chapters for around 300 or so chapters.

Short arcs that goes by :
Zhang Ye started something new -> Zhang Ye is very good at it -> typical xianxia enemy starts to appear -> more hate and injustice -> Zhang Ye smacks them in the face -> Zhang Ye saves the day.

And in between every new arcs, there can be great relaxing chapters that can make us read at ease and laugh. Although the pattern may seem continuous, the author actually made it so that we are still hooked depsite the pattern, props to the author for this. all changed, I don't know when exactly but more and more annoying scenes of Zhang Ye taking advantages of the girls came out, which is absolutely and totally unnecessary at all. I usually skipped this kind of scenes 90% of the time, I don't know if this was meant to be a fan-service but this is horrible. This, is the 1st big flaw it has.

The 2nd big flaw, is something that most of us I believe do not appreciate this at all: Racism.

Racism, no matter what form it is, is absolutely disgusting. It brings a good novel a level down and causes readers to not enjoy it so much.

Actually the racism in it is not too evident, especially in the first 250 chps when there are almost no hint of racism. Only nationalism.

Warning, a bit of a rant and slightly spoilerish below.

One might argue with me, " but this is nationalism! "

Well, Nationalism and Nationalist are in no way BAD, some would probably even respect you for it. But nationalism and racism are two completely different things lying on a very distinct border.

The author might try to hide it by saying a few good words here and there but there is no way to completely hide it. It's there, and it's getting worse as more chapters get by.

Every koreans in the novel are branded " the bad guys ", so far I've seen there are no such things such as " good koreans. " ofc Zhang ye himself will mever say it but there are side characters who will further intensify this subject.

He even released an episode of him scolding the koreans in the whole episode just because a korean artist is being a b**h to him, come on, if you want to scold that artist, fine by me. But scold the entire koreans? Please.

Oh just a slight warning, I heard that other countries will not be safe from it too in the future, not just Korea.

Story : The story actually feels like a xianxia that is not a battle but instead a battle using words and literature, the typical xianxia antagonist is here with their unable to see Mount Tai character but is not much of an annoyance to me.

Until chapter 250s the joke is still very fresh but just like what I stated above, it goes downhill from around there.

The objective of the mc is very simple and oblivious from the title : to become a superstar. With the help of a ' system ' he had paved his own road to become one with ordinary looks and ordinary skills to achieve his goal.

While this might seem interesting, eventually as more chapters go by, I felt that the author is losing sight of this too.

Firstly, Zhang Ye's dream is to be the biggest star in the world, but..he is actually borderline-racist? Hell me, this would never be possible in the real world, especially when he scolded the koreans so much, he is still talking about being the No.1 artist? Please.

Secondly, the novel pretty much strayed a bit fron the original intent: to be a superstar, more like vs the koreans.

Characters : Some of the characters are well-fleshed out, some are even very interesting. Zhang Ye's character himself is already evident since the start, so there is no character developments at all, he will be Zhang Ye through and through.

But again? Why are you making every korean becoming the bad guys?..I'm really disappointed.

Tldr; IIRAS is an excellent, excellent read, all you need to do is just skip the lines everytime he talks about othe countries cuz you won't like it. There are very very awesome moments of the novel that is blood boiling and exciting but alas, those flaws I mentioned above have hampered it down a lot. 8.4 IRAS.

Table of Content

  • Radio Station Arc [Chapter 00 - 85]
  • Television Station Arc [Chapter 86 - 203]
  • WebTV Arc [Chapter 204 - 284]
  • Dream of the Red Chamber Arc [Chapter 285 - 335]
  • Peking University Arc [Chapter 336 - 355]
  • Wu Zeqing's Birthday Arc [Chapter 356 - 383]
  • Spring Festival Gala Arc [Chapter 384 - 423]
  • Cyber Police Arc [Chapter 424 - 455]
  • Crosstalk Competition Arc [Chapter 456 - 499]
  • Dale's Conjecture Arc [Chapter 500 - 539]
  • Peking University Incident Arc [Chapter 540 - 570]
  • Return to the Television Station? Arc [Chapter 571 - 597]
  • ??? Arc (Ongoing) [Chapter 598 - ??? ]

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