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Evolution Theory of the Hunter is a Korean Novel series written by Taro (음란파괴왕) and translated by Madsnail and BlissNoona.

Evolution Theory of the Hunter Synopsis

In a world of dungeons and monsters – you can become strong if you merely have enough money.

Rare skillbooks that can magically upgrade your skills in an instant are sold at exorbitant prices. So only the privileged and rich are able to buy their way to become hunters – a much revered occupation that allows one to enter dungeons and hunt monsters.

Our MC is a porter, a sort of caddie for hunters. He dreams of one day becoming a hunter when he comes into possession of a skillbook.

But the skill is a level 0. Something unheard of. No one wants it. People laugh at it. But he learns the skill – only to find that it may be the most amazing one yet.

Series Information

Author: Taro (음란파괴왕)
Title: 헌터계급론
Type: Korean Novel
Genre: Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Harem Mystery Psychological Seinen Supernatural
Rating: 4.1 / 5.0, 405 votes
Year: 2016
Status: 233+ Chapters (Ongoing)
Publisher: RidiBooks
Translator: Madsnail & BlissNoona
Table of Contents: Wuxianation
EPUB: Wuxialand

Series Reviews

Review might contain spoilers.

Review by babywolf

Story is quite good, not too fast not too slow neither, the MC uses his brain and quite patient person, he is a commoner who due to a skill he got got the chance to try being a hunter with a lot of potential, he is one of those OP MC that needs to train hard to get strong, well its a good story.

Review by Gantz

The protagonist is weak and poor, but dreams big. He happens to have some twist and turns and despite being a bit greedy for quick cash, his plan is foiled thankfully. The outcome is the unfolding story of a college grads rise to power, but he like many other heroes is oblivious to the advances of the opposite sex. sigh.

Overall the story flows well and you can't help but want more as the story progresses.

If you like dungeon battles with an underdog's rise to OPness then give this a try.

Review by hantosh

Real world turns into a game world when dungeons appear on Earth and the global population skydives. MC works as a lowly porter to the rich people (assholes) who can "play" in the dungeons.

- Writing quality is good. Items, skills, loot etc are all well described.
- Translation quality is good.
- Plot progression/structure seems solid so far (no trainwrecks).
- MC is likable, no standout negative personality traits. Side characters differ from your usual template archetypes; though we don't really know that much about some of them. Antagonists so far seem to be cut from the same mold for the most part; ie: variations of standard enemy mob characters. No arch-rival/nemesis type characters yet.
- Power system (items/skills etc) is well defined and described. Levels basically revolve around equipment.

- Translator currently on hiatus.
- World revolves around the MC

Review by Ookami

So far I'll give it a 4.5 leaning towards a 5 star rating (I'll just keep the rating at 5 stars for now).

The story description is a little misleading, it makes it seem like the MC will be totally oppressed by 'Those that have' but you barely see any of that in the story whatsoever and he rarely interacts with these snobs and trust fund babies except in the early chapters and a few after.

The story is a good mix between LMS and GDW taking into account the main character of GDW's survival ability (as Weed dies a lot and takes huge risk) and Weeds ability to understand the value of items and significance of money.

The world is 50 yrs after the apocalypse (sorta) and it plays out like GDW were the world has been somehow changed into a game world and such, monsters drop items and skill books.

The MC is the run of the mill guy who excels at his job so that he can fulfill his dream. He's not overly generic but the plot armor isn't light.

The story didn't give off that Korean feel and was off putting to me in the beginning chapters, so much so that I actually dropped it 3 times and put off reading it for a number of days when I did pick it up again. That being said I did get around to reading it to completion (that is up to the current TL) and after getting past the initial few chapters the story is actually quite enjoyable. I do recommend you getting your mental editor tools and spell checkers at the ready because the TL doesn't seem to be a native English speaker and there are quite a few errors on every page (almost).

The story pacing isn't fast but its not slow in getting right into the action but overall development of the MC happens a little to fast. Only 40 chapters in and his stats are way above the norm for someone getting into the biz.

(LMS) Legendary Moonlight Sculpture
(GDW) God and Devil world

Review by paksheet

Eh... this story started out cliche-dly fine, weak, poor MC uses his superpower called effort in order to catch up to and beat strong, rich guys... only, it doesn't. His effort skill is literally effortless after a few chapters, all he has to do is click on stats every level up, despite it being the "real world". And there are no "enemies", no rivals, only NPC chars that last at most 2 chapters and gets OHKO'd by him, over and over and over again.

MC has no personality. 90 chapters in and still no clue what he is trying to achieve. At first, thought he was like Weed (from Legendary Moonlight Sculptor), funnily stingy because he is poor and need to support his family, who then gets what he wants so he gets new interests, and new goals. But the MC in Evolution Hunter (I don't even remember his name after 90 chapters) is just plain boring. The world literally revolves around him. Every 10 levels ups, the world will change (dungeons disappear, new continents will form, etc). Only he has access to a whole category of overpowered items (intelligent monsters that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, intelligent weapons that can OHKO enemies supposedly stronger than him, his stats are continuously growing without having to do anything, while other people can't because stats are limited to items for them. By now, his stats are a least 100x better allowing him to OHKO an entire army of enemies supposedly stronger than him...).

All he wanted was to be rich, but selling 30 million USD of items weekly at no risk is apparently not enough, he wants to keep risking his "party and close/trusted friends" lives cz they're not OP and he can't afford to risk them (huh?). Every time he levels up, he makes the entire world exponentially more dangerous, but he has no choice but to level up because the world is dangerous (huh?). He basically has no goal, no interest in women, in politics, in friends, in anything. He just got what he wanted in first few chapters too easily so he got stuck doing the same thing over and over and doesn't even realize it because he has no idea what he wants anymore. Or rather, the author doesn't.

At some point, he discovers humans he kill drop better items than monsters so he doesn't kill them, only lure them into position where they want to kill him so he can retaliate without hurting his conscience. He's like a serial killer of killers. And despite him killing over 200+ people without getting even a scratch, he thinks he's saintly clean because he never does the 1st move.

Review by lafiel11

Nothing unique with the premise - it's a reversed another world dungeon rpg novel. The MC is the underdog as you'd expect ,he gets his "cheat" named Effort . Which lacks "the true effort" and even the mc commends on it. Him obtaining his skill makes the current dungeon system change with new one. Good for MC bad for the rest seniors.

MC personality is quite uninteresting .Power and money obsessed. Not because life kicked him in the guts but his own choice. Finished uni but sucked and couldn't get a damn good job. His job porter(bag holder of dungeon party) is his choice. Taking drugs to make-do and taking every insult for measly money and health danger. High risk low payout basically. After he becomes a "unique new -system rpg bringer hunter" his goal to own a millions of money and live good and have an apartment are put to back as his craving for power and cold blooded killing flares up. The side cast has some humorous moments (his party). But really the romance harem with DENSE mc just ain't working as it makes the story really bad. Nothing funny comes out when the dense romance is forced for readers .I treat it as filler and just skip it. Typical girls fawning over the dense mc in short.

Not to forget the other most boring shit in this novel : talk about money. Every dungeon item is money ,every chapter is 1/3 money talk and haggling to spread loot ,1/3 girls fawning over and dense MC 1/3 story progress. So when I skip a chapter I skip almost all the number shit and talk between girls and MC.

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